Industrial carpet

Automobile Felt

Automobile felt or nonwoven is a type of non-woven moquette. Automobile felts are used in different parts of car from the trunk to the hood. The raw automobile felt is produced by this complex and then molded in other parts manufacturing companies, which are now visible in the automotive industry in Iran.

Artificial leather and floorings

Felt or nonwoven is produced for use in artificial leather as calender or heat-treated in different garmmages for delicate and thick leather, as well as flooring of sports halls, types of door-mat and shelters.

Nonwoven geotextile

Geotextiles are used for arming, separating, proper drainage, adding asphalt and soil load bearing capacity, improving shelf life of asphalt, structure protection of beaches and ports, homogenous subsidence in marine structures such as breakwater, protecting eroding lands, protection of the upstream layer in the railways, protection of the geomembrane layers and many other cases.

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